IF Rental based Startups is ‘A’ and Chennai is ‘B’. Then (A U B) is NULLSET .

Screenshot (10)

Startups in the Rental Domain has changed the way people search and stay in PG. Though there were many players in the market  Nestaway, which is started in  2015 is the biggest player so far.

Screenshot (11)In terms of funding, Nestaway is at top by raising $43 M in 4 rounds followed by the Nobroker which raised $20M

Screenshot (9)Nestaway and Nobroker has highest means of Social Media coverage when compared to any other player in the market.

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When we consider in terms of operating cities most of the Rental Domain startups are operating in Bangalore, Gurgaon,Noida and Delhi.


The most surprising thing is none of these startups are operating in Chennai which ranks in 6th place in Number of IT Companies and also  has a less price index of 72, when compared to Mumbai-90, Gurgaon-84, Delhi-80, Bangalore-79.

If you think Chennai is right place to start something cool in Renting Domain then you have great chance.


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