My Experience with Analytics Vidhya LearnUp @ IIT- Madras

chennai_banner4_1920_480_vbNrCQMJune 17, 2017 Saturday, Analytics Vidhya has organised a LearnUp program at IIT-Madras. I had attended a couple of seminars conducted by UpGrad. This was the first time I am participating in workshop by the Analytics Vidhya Team.The program was done in two sessions with a small break between the sessions.

In the first sesssion , the Guest speaker was Karthikeyan Sankaran, an IIT Madras & IIM Calcutta Alumni. Karthikeyan has 16 years of experience in the area of Business Intellignece & Advanced analytics. He talked about the different techniques and tools available for Social Media analytics.

Karthikeyan Sankaran during first session

Second session is like a workshop where a Problem Statement is given and one of the Analytics Vidhya volunteer Karthikeyan Palanisamy  has explained about deriving  the solutions for the problem statement. Karthik has a great way of explaining the problem and the process to achive solution.

Karthikeyan Palanisamy explaining the solution to the problem statement

Things Learnt from the sessions:

  •  What is NLP and Why NLP ?
  • Social Media Analytics and its use?
  • what is Text Corpus?
  • Exposure to DTM ,TF-IDF
  • Dimentioanality Reduction Techniques like LSA and LDA.
  • Knowledge on Continuos Bag of words – predicting the ‘word’ given the ‘content’
  • Knowledge on Skipgram- predicting the ‘Content’ given the ‘word’
  • Solving the problem statement using R.

Surprised Moment 

I was very much surprised to meet Sudalai RajKumar  a Kaggle Grandmaster popularly known as SRK . SRK is also One of  Top 10 Data Scientist’s  in India  selected by the Analytics India Magazine.  He is one of the speakers of DataHack Summit – 2017 , an intitative by Analytics Vidhya to bring all the finest Data Scientists all over the India which is going to be held on 9 – 11 November, 2017 at Bengaluru.

Myself with Sudalai Rajkumar

Finally I would like to thank Analytics Vidhya Team for making  such great efforts .



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