Snapdeal vs Flipkart Analysis

E-Commerce giant flipkart is in talks with Snapdeal for Acquisition. But unexpectedly Snapdeal has raised 113 crores fund from one of its investors.

Quick look of Snapdeal and Flipkart

I started with comparing reviews for all the three bigplayers in the e-commerce domain Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. More customers are supported the flipkart with their 5 star ratings.s3

Web Analysis

When it comes to the number of visitors  to the website Flipkart stands first with 106.90 M visits where as the Snapdeal has only 28.30 M visits. According to the google page rank  Flipkart has 11th rank and Snapdeal rank is 43 .


People visit the websites through different sources. Some through direct search, some through the links in social media, some through the displays ads and some from the references.

snapdeal searches.PNG
Snapdeal’s traffic through search
flipkart searches.PNG
Flipkart’s traffic through search

Traffic from Display Ads also plays big role in selling products. Flipkart has more traffic throuh the display ads.

flipkart display advertising
Flipkart’s Traffic through Display Ads
sanpdeal display advertising.PNG
Snapdeal’s Traffic through Display Ads

Social Media Analysis

Flipkart is leading in the terms of number of likes and followers in Facebook Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube.

Likes, Followers in Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter

As someone said every coin has two sides, Snapdeal has also has facebook page by name “Never buy anything from Sanpdael” with 721 followers and 736 page likes which is depromoting its brand value.

nevr buys
Facebook page “Never buy anyproduct from Snapdeal”

As per the reports, in an average a person spends 2.30 hrs  to watch videos on youtube. When we consider the number videos uploaded in to youtube  from the last two weeks, Flipkart has huge number of views. Also videos with with less duration has more number of views.


Number videos uploaded by Snapdeal and Flipkart in youtube and corresponding likes

snapdeal social.PNG
Snapdeal’s traffic through Social Media Networks
flipkart social
Flipkart’s Traffic through Social Media Networks


Though Snapdeal was started in 2010, it acquired 11 startups of which 6 of them are operating in the Same e-commerce domain and in 2015 it has done more acquisitions.

Snapdeal’s Acquisitions

But Flipkart has made only 8 acquisitions

Flipkart’s Acquisitions

Product Analysis

In the E-commerce domain, inorder to bring the people to our webiste user interface plays major role.

UI of Amazon and Flipkart

You can see that in the case of amazon and flipkart  5 shoes are placed in single row where as only  4 in the snapdeal. For shoes it may looks good but if you see In the case of Trimmers the high picture size  looks awkward.

snap shoe
UI of Snapdeal

sanp trim.PNG

UI of Snapdeal

In Flipkart when we place a cursor on particular product it displays dynamic view of the product .(Right, Left, Top, Front ,Back, Bottom views)

Product Images

Most of images of the product are not fully Captured. Most of them are cut at the bottom.Care should be taken that all products are photographed properly before  uploading to the website.

half 1
Products which are not fully captured

Avoid unnecessary gaps

By reducing the shown gap and resizing the image to proper size can increase the beauty of the webpage

reduce size 1.png
Unncessary gaps gives bad user experience

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